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Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB) believes in shaping not just education but also careers. CUB is thrilled to announce a range of exceptional internship, apprenticeship, and job opportunities specially curated for the talented CUB students and other university students seeking valuable hands-on experience. This is your chance to gain practical insights, harness your skills, and take that crucial step towards a successful and fulfilling career. Join in this exciting journey of growth and exploration!

Career and Job Placement

Partnership with Digicon:

CUB is excited to announce its partnership with Digicon, a renowned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions provider. This collaboration aims to bridge the skills gap in the BPO industry and create employability opportunities for CUB graduates.

Job Placement at Digicon for Graduates:
Graduates of CUB will benefit from Digicon's industry-leading BPO expertise, ensuring job placement and career advancement with enhanced communicative competence.

News Bangla
News Bangla (100% Job Placement)

News Bangla is committed to ensuring 100% job placement for CUB graduates. By understanding the importance of providing students with the skills and opportunities they need to excel in their careers, News Bangla equips students with the knowledge and practical experience needed to succeed in the dynamic field of journalism and media.

Dainik Bangla
Dainik Bangla (100% Job Placement)

CUB has forged strong connections with leading media organization, Dainik Bangla to facilitate 100% job placement opportunities for the graduates. With focus on practical skills, critical thinking, and creativity the rigorous training programs are designed to prepare students for the challenges of the media industry.

The Kaw company
The KOW Company

Discover your potential and embark on a fulfilling career journey with The Kow Company.

Placement Contact

Monwarul Islam
Head of Career Placement
Email: cpc@cub.edu.bd
Contact Number: +8801841992222

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